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Roadi is expanding our retail, wholesale and dealer network. Deal direct with the manufacture for lowest prices, highest quality products and best service in the industry.

Benefits include:
• High profit margins.
• New products constantly being developed.
• We maintain an extensive sales representative network for the best customer service.
• We have an extensive regional and national advertizing program.
• Offer protected territories.

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High End Car Scanner Code Reader

Save fuel, time and repair costs by diagnosing car problems yourself! The RDT79 is an affordable, easy-to-use tool for the car buff or Do-It-Yourselfer.

Features & Benefits:
1. Easy to-use, highly reliable and accurate tool.
2. Easy to-read LCD display, unit fits conveniently fits in the palm or your hand.
3. Works with all 1996 and newer cars & trucks that are OBD2 compliant.
4. Read and clears SAE, generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
5. Records real-time engine performance data.

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Since 2004, ROADI has become a fast developing manufacturer and marketer of diagnostic equipment and instrument in the automotive aftermarket industry. Our products serve three categories: Code Readers, Diagnostic Scan Tools and Instrumentation.

R&D and engineering is the heart of ROADI. Our engineering department comprises a significant portion of our workforce, through continuous improvement and development of new product lines. We work directly with both vehicle manufacturers and automotive governing agencies keep updated on all technical and regulation requirement impacting the automotive market. This ensures ROADI products will meet or exceed customer expectations now and into the future. ROADI are designed with the customer in-mind, so they are easy-to-use and include simple, detailed instructions in multiple languages.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide easy-to-use, affordable automotive diagnostic and instrumentation to vehicle owners. Pioneering new products and using lean, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques assures our products meet the stringent demands and prices required by consumers. Our products allow owners the ability to optimize vehicle performance, lower the fuel consumption and minimize repair costs. In the end it allows our customers to become a Green driver!





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Computerized engine control systems have a certain amount of built-in self-diagnostic capability to detect problems that affect engine performance and emissions. The same is true for the antilock brake system and other onboard systems that are computer controlled. Related Terms

When a fault is detected, the computer will store a diagnostic trouble code in its memory and illuminate the "Check Engine" light. On some vehicles, the computer can be put into a special diagnostic mode by grounding certain terminals on a diagnostic connector. This will cause the Check Engine or other lights to flash out the fault code. On many vehicles, though, a scan tool must be plugged into the computer system to access and read the codes.